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Water Filters vs Water Bottles


Calculator Water Costs - Water Filter vs Water Bottle

The most comprehensive calculator of bottled water and filtered water costs.

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General Questions

How much water do you drink per day? (Liter)

How much does a liter of water cost from your tap? (cent per Liter)

You can find the water costs of your public water utility on their websites.

Here you see your Results for for the calculation of the bottled water

That's how much you use gasoline per month to buy bottled water (in liters per month):

That's how much gasoline it costs you to buy bottled water per month (in Euro or US Dollar per month):

That's how much gasoline a liter of bottled water will cost you (in cents per liter bottled water):

That's how much bottled water really costs you per liter including costs for buying it (in cents per liter bottled water):

1) In the first step, type your info below to calculate the price of your bottled water

How much is a bottle of water from the supermarket where you do your shopping?

How many liters are in this bottle?

How often do you go by car to buy bottled water?

Approximately how far away is the store where you buy bottled water?

How much does your car consume approximately per 100 km?

How much does a liter of gasoline cost?

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