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WAHAZE - a collection of water technologies

Here you will find effective solutions for saving water outside your home, such as subsurface irrigation systems, responsive drip irrigation, cloud-based irrigation systems, self-closing taps and ollas.

Save water outdoors

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OsmoDrain is a subsurface irrigation system that saves water up to 70 % by eliminating evaporation, wind drift and runoff. The system consists of membrane hoses that are laid underground and are connected to the water supply pipelines. In this way water can not only be saved but also water, air, fertilizers and other substances can be introduced into the soil and excess water can be extracted from the soil. OsmoDrain's control technology makes it easy to manage irrigation, fertilization, aeration and active drainage.

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WiserWatering has made it its mission to save water in the garden. Their product WiserWand consists of a steel pipe with stainless steel tip and threaded nut. With the WiserWand it is possible to water the root zone of the plants and thus save water by avoiding evaporation, runoff and wind. 

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