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WAHAZE - a collection of water technologies


A single drop of water ... what can it do? It can't irrigate a field, it can't extinguish a fire, it can't do anything. But many drops of water combined into a unity have an enormous power: it is a mighty waterfall, a raging river, a heavy rain, a huge ocean and a beautiful morning haze over a lake.


Just like this single drop of water, a single product or company can't do much against the global water crisis. But when combined, these companies and their products are a powerful tool that can solve global water problems and have an enormous positive impact on the lives of many people.


And this is what WAHAZE wants to be: Like a haze that is a unit of many drops of water, WAHAZE wants to be a community of all companies in the water sector and all people to solve global water problems together. This is why you will find on WAHAZE a collection of world-changing companies and their products that solve the world's water problems.

If you have water problems, you will find the right solution for you on this website, whether it is about purifying water, saving water, producing or supplying water or generating energy from water.


You will also find a good source to learn a lot about water. And last but not least, in the members' area and the forum you will find the opportunity to make a difference, share your thoughts with others and network with other world-changers like you.


Water crisis? Not with us!

On WAHAZE you will find solutions and answers for your specific water problems.

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