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WAHAZE - a collection of water technologies

Here you will find atmospheric water generators (AWG), which are a creative solution for generating water from the air.

Water from air

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Requench uses an energy-saving technology to generate water from the air. It therefore does not require very high humidity, high temperatures and large amounts of energy. It also extends the application range of weather conditions - water can be produced at a relative humidity of only 15%. Wherever you need drinking water - in a remote location or away from water mains - Requench can provide drinking water immediately. 

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Click on the photos for more infos

Quench Innovations is on a mission to quench thirst worldwide. They offer a range of atmospheric water generators that can produce water from the air at standard conditions from about 60 liters per day to nearly 38,000 liters per day, depending on the unit. The atmospheric water generators can be powered by solar energy, wind energy, diesel or simply by electricity from the grid. The water generated from the air is then purified by several filter stages so that it can be drunk without any concern and used in everyday life.

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